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Open World Games

Grand Sword is an open-world ARPG built on blockchain technology where players hunt champion monsters to collect runes and uncover the story behind the glorious world of “Valdoria”. Along the journey, you will meet several Valdorian NPC to help you on your battle against the Terror King who seeks to collect all Valdorian Master Runes.

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Grand Sword art style Build your ultimate team

Choose who fights by your side and build your dream team from over 12+ characters (more to come). Each character has a rarity identified by their star rating which dictates their initial stats.

Grand Sword art style

More characters preview coming soon!

Grand Sword game characters, belle Grand Sword game art


Belle killed someone by accident during a revolution and was now a part of a sinister clan. Without any help she had to survive in an odd world. But with her cunning wits, she managed to escape hell and trained to perfection.

Grand Sword



Grand Sword

5,000,000 $GRAND Tokens Airdrop

Buy $GRAND Tokens

$GRAND tokens will be used to mint Characters NFT.
$GRAND tokens can also be used to purchase Champion Shards to boost your gameplay and trade in NFT marketplace. Presale Price: 1,000,000,000 $GRAND per BNB
PancakeSwap Listing Price: 100,000,000 $GRAND per BNB
Minimum Buy: 0.01BNB
Price per Character NFT MINT: 500,000,000 $GRAND (0.5BNB)

Refer & Earn

Enter your BEP20 Binance Smartchain address below and use the link to refer your friends. Get 20% BNB & extra 30% $GRAND tokens when your friends purchase or claim our airdrop through your referral link!

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Grand Sword has an action-packed gameplay where characters possess unique skills and powers. Collect champion runes, unlock portals,explore dungeons to find hidden treasures and unravel the mystery of the ambitious Terror King who seeks to conquer the world. Your epic journey to Valdoria awaits.


Grand Sword pets

Wild monsters can be captured to be your pet companion to help you on your journey and throughout your exploration. The stronger the monsters, the harder for them to be tamed. These friendly companions can provide you with different buffs, heal and fight alongside you using their combat skills.

Pets gain experience through battles and can level up to learn more skills to make them much stronger.

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    Grand Sword tokenomics

    Total supply: 10,000,000,000,000

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    Grand Sword roadmap phase 1 december, Grand Sword airdrop
    Grand Sword roadmap phase 2 january 2022, champion hunter public and private sales
    Grand Sword roadmap phase 3 february 2022
    Grand Sword tokenomics phase 4 may 2022 game release alpha
    Grand Sword tokenomics phase 5 july to august 2022, Grand Sword beta release
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